Welcome to the home of Bright Sparks
Bright Sparks is a creative agency founded in South Africa by Barry Kayton and Patrick Kayton. Incorporated as Thunderbolt Thinkers CC, and trading as Bright Sparks, we have been working together since 1999, principally on the development of educational materials and comics. We're "imagineers" – we imagine and engineer creative solutions in order to put ideas into people’s heads.
JOJO Africa

We have developed highly creative educational materials in the areas of Economic and Management Sciences, Business Studies, Career Guidance and Life Skills. Developed in Africa. Used around the world.

More recently we developed a comprehensive suite of comics, lesson plans and computer modelling activities for use with children in grades 4 to 6 with the aim of developing analytical, critical and creative thinking.

Over the course of the last ten years we have developed a unique instructional approach which weaves analytical and creative threads into a powerful tapestry for learning and thinking.

Our latest product, Cognician, is a software platform and application that aggregates everything we have learned as creative instructional designers and represents the culmination of our development efforts.